Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FILSON BAGS >>> limited edition in navy, red and natural

Filson products owe their special charm to a combination of reduced design and calculated material mix. A rugged 22 oz. cotton twill functions as a basis. Through an oil finishing on a paraffin base, the fabric becomes water resistant, and over the years softer, acquiring a beautiful, unique patina. The unusual thickness of the material makes the bags extremely sturdy and resistant.

For this season the American brand Filson launched their large briefcases, duffle and tote bags in the exclusive colour combinations navy, red and natural. Each style is limited to only 30 pieces worldwide and is available at 14 oz. in Berlin and in the 14 oz. webshop (shipping only within the European Union).

All leather details such as straps, grips, cords and laces are crafted from vegetable tanned cowhide, also used in the production of horse bridles lending it special robustness and longevity.

All products possess a high functionality and are very easy to clean. Dirt marks should be brushed off or removed with water and a damp cloth, if soap is used, the spot must be treated with wax after. In order to preserve the softness of the high quality leather and avoid cracks, the areas can be cleaned with saddle soap and waxed afterwards. Chemical dry cleaning and machine wash are taboo.

The entrepreneur Clinton C. Filson from Seattle in the Northwest of the USA found his salvation and purpose during the Great Gold Rush at Klondike River. Differing from the prospectors, he did not resort to the mines and rivers but supplied the adventurers with heavy-duty clothing and robust luggage. In 1897 he founded the C.C. Filson Company, and up until today his name stands for excellent weather-guard and leisure clothing, and above all for hard-wearing bags.

Next to hunters and outdoor fans by now also businessmen and aficionados of real originals swear by the multifunctional travel luggage, laptop bags, briefcases, shopper, weekender and trolleys. Every product from the house of Filson is committed to functionality and tradition to the smallest detail: all styles are traditionally manufactured by hand in Seattle, and even the signature cotton twill and sturdy leather are made in the USA.

Filson bags from 14 oz. Berlin are also available at the store in three additional colours: "Brown" describes a red shimmering brown nuance, "Dark Tan" a strong sand tone and "Otter Green" a dark hunting green.

14 oz. webshop presents an exquisite, condensed selection of exclusive and limited editions for and from 14 oz. in Berlin. All other products of the 14 oz. brand portfolio are available in our store in Berlin.

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