Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quoddy >>> artisanal moccasin manufacturer

In 1909 Harry Smith Shorey started making his own shoes in Down east Maine. Today, the tradition continues in Perry, half-way to the North Pole and as far east as you can travel in the continental U.S.

Quoddy shoes are inspired by the heritage of craftsmanship of the Native American Passamquoddy tribe, which have an ages old heritage of craftsmanship, from their moccasins to their birch bark canoes and containers to their famous woven baskets, all done without man-made materials or adhesives.

Craftsmanship combined with a high level of artistry are what made these products special and allowed them to perform so well in the sometimes harsh conditions encountered in the big woods and ever changing ocean of Maine. Harry Smith was a big believer in the performance and quality of hand sewn moccasin construction and started his manufacture in the time when hand-made was the norm, when output was measured in dozens, not thousands. 


Today the shoes are still produced with the same traditional techniques. This exceptional connection to its heritage means that quality and style will be retained for generations to come. At Quoddy, each pair is crafted by a single shoemaker and entirely hand sewn. The quality of these shoes is a testament to the individual skill that went into making them. 


Moccasins represent a specific approach to shoemaking; a footwear philosophy and a construction technique. Quoddy’s method of moccasin construction creates a shoe that functions as a glove for the foot. It surrounds the foot in supple leather, and allows the muscles, bones, and tendons to support the foot naturally as they were intended to do, while offering protection, cushioning, and style.


A Quoddy shoe adapts to its wearer and its foot rather than forcing him to accommodate it. It has a natural feel. The wearer is connected to his walking surface, connected to the earth. Even the soles are designed to promote this; they are stitched to the shoe bottom rather than glued so that they maintain flexibility and can be infinitely replaced.
Quoddy moccasins are built to last and stand for comfort, durability, and the ability to conform to one’s foot over time for a true custom fit.

14 oz. Berlin carries Quoddy moccasins for women & men in various colors.

Quoddy moccasins for women >>> 259,90 or 279,90 Euro
Sizes: US wms 6 - 8,5 >>> black, brown, navy or red

Quoddy moccasins for men >>> 289,90 Euro
Sizes: US 8 - 12 >>> black, brown, navy or red

You are welcome to order by phone or E-mail. Please don't hesitate to contact us with individual requests or if you have any questions regarding availability or sizes.

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Shipping only within the European Union.

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