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On January 18th 1912, Captain Robert Falcon Scott, along 
with four fellow comrades, became the first British explorers to reach the South Pole. Along the way they endured -40°c temperatures and crippling winds. On their return from the Pole, Scott and his comrades all perished from exhaustion, starvation and extreme cold.

The Nigel Cabourn Limited Edition II Collection is based by the 100th Anniversary of this historic event. In preparation for this monumental celebration, Nigel Cabourn visited the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge. Founded in 1920 to honour the achievements of Captain R.F. Scott and his colleagues, the Scott PolarResearch Institute is dedicated to perpetuating the legacy of polar exploration and science through research, education and public outreach activities.

 The Institute investigates the significance of the polar regions in a changing world and continues topreserve and make accessible its world-leading collections of polar books, archival manuscripts, artworks and artefacts.

Nigel Cabourn: “As a designer whose collections are inspired by history and real vintage clothing, my visit to the Polar Institute inspired me to base my AW12 collection on Scott and his team as a dedication to their fantastic feat. The wealth of information I found at the Institute spurred on my inspiration to create 12 individual garments that represent the achievements of Scott and his team on their last expedition. The Institute has a vast library of books on the Antarctic, and keeps the actual garments of the explorers, which have not only influenced my designs, but have inspired me to create new product developments for Harris Tweed, gabardine, and lambs wool as well as new buttons and trims. The aim of this collection is to honour these brave men and to produce real, hardwearing clothes that reflect each of the explorers.

 The persistence and courage of the five explorers have inspired me to create the Nigel Cabourn Authentic Limited Edition II Winter 2012 Collection. The 12 garments in this collection are inspired entirely by this fantastic expedition and produced in the United Kingdom with British fabrics where possible.”


The Nigel Cabourn Authentic Limited Edition II, which follows the success of Limited Edition I "The Ascent Of Cabourn" in 2003, consists of 12 pieces, limited to about 100 pieces each on the outerwear and 300 pieces on the knitwear and accessories.

Every garment has an individual sequenced number to show authenticity of the Limited Edition collection. Each individual style is named after an explorer that was on Scott’s expedition in 1912.

Captain R.F. Scott
Naval Jacket

Fox Brothers Naval Lambs Wool made by Panache
Colours: Scott‘s Navy, Military
Price: 1099,90 Euro


Larence E.G. Oates
Roll Neck Sweater

Natural British Wool by Future Textiles
Colours: Ash, Chestnut, Charcoal
Price: 319,90 Euro

Edward A. Wilson

Ventile - Tightly Wooven Gaberdine made by Cookson & Clegg
Colour: Stone Windowpane
Price: 629,90 Euro

Edgar Evans
Antarctic Smock Reversible

Ventile - Tightly Wooven Gaberdine made by Mackintosh
Colour: Stone Windowpane
Price: 2179,90 Euro

Henry R. Bowers
Deck Jacket

Fox Brothers Wool made by Mackintosh
Colours: Antarctic White, Military
Price: 1039,90 Euro

Dr. Edward Atkinson
Surgeon Jacket

Harris Tweed made by Panache
Colours: Brown Stripe, Charcoal Stripe
Price: 929,90 Euro

Herbert G. Ponting
Photographer Down Jacket

Ventile with Down Filling and Sheepskin Collar
Colour: Dark Navy
Price: 2309,90 Euro

Charles Seymour Wright
Glaciologist Balaclava

Natural British Wool by Future Textiles
Colours: Ash, Chestnut, Charcoal
Price: 79,90 Euro

Bernard C. Day
Under Jersey

Round Knitted Jersey by Merz B. Schwanen
Colour: Natural
Price: 259,90 Euro

Apsley Cherry - Garrad
Expedition Boot

Handsewn with Comando Sole by Viberg Boot
Colour: Old Brown
Price: 1399,90 Euro

Frank Debenham
Seaman Coat

Made by Mackintosh
Colours: Antarctic White, Military
Price: 1059,90 Euro

Thomas Crean
Sleeping Bag Jacket

Made by Areo Leather
Colour: Natural Sheepskin
Price: 4029,90 Euro (picture shows the original vintage piece)

Watch the photoshooting for Mens File magazine that Nigel Cabourn's Team has made for the Limited Edition II 

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